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Gwang Peel for Acne

Gwang Peel is a 72hr Recovery System for Acne Skin  It is an expert-exclusive regenerative peeling kit designed specifically
for acne-prone skin. Formulated with high-purity 99% Spongilla spicules micro silica extracted from freshwater, along with BHA, Into Cell-EGF (Epithelial Growth Factor), antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory peptide solutions, this kit aims to:

  •  Address clogged pores and thickened dead skin cells

  •  Normalise the skin's regeneration turnover cycle through the 72-hour action of silica

  •  Restore damaged skin to a bright, healthy state without leaving a trace

Professional treatments are available in Clinic at Rejuve Skin.  The treatment off’ers advanced skincare solutions for optimal results with active skins.


Recommended for:

  •  Acne-prone skins

  •  Damaged skin with acne scars and pigmentation

  •  Skin with enlarged pores due to excessive sebum and reduced elasticity

Acne occurs when pores are blocked by excess dead skin cells.

  •  Excessive sebum production

  •  Clogged Pores

  •  C. Acnes Bacteria

0.5% BHA removes excess dead skin cells to clear the pores while the fine needles of silica stimulates skin regeneration for 72 hours

Various growth factors and peptides contained in the CELL BOOSTER promote regeneration and nourishment of acne scars and skin damages.

Key Ingredients


Hydrolyzed sponge 99%

  • Promotes skin regeneration

  • Normalizes a skin turnover cycle


Beta Hydroxy Acid 0.5%

  •  Removes excess dead skin cells

  •  Adjust sebum production

Procedure Guidelines

  • Procedure cycle : Weekly to fortnightly

  • Recommended Course:  3-5 treatments 

  • Maintenance : Once every 3 weeks or as needed

  •  Procedure Duration : Approx 40mins

Growth Factors

EGF, IntoCell-bFGF, IntoCell-IGF-1

  •  Regeneration of acne scars

  •  Reduced pigmentation

  • Pore tightening


Phyto-NEP, Azelaoyl Tripeptide-1

  •  Relief of itch and inflammation

  •  Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial

 Package Costings

Single  Session   - $190

Package of 3 sessions - $510 ($170ea)

Package of 6 sessions - $900 ($ 150ea)

Packages are paid for in advance to secure special pricing

In Clinic payment plans are available to approved purchasers deposits must be paid

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