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Age Defence SPF 50+

The smartest investment you can make for your face. Our much-loved daily moisturiser not only protects against dehydration but is powered by superior antioxidant and non-whitening broad-spectrum protection to counter UV-related pigmentation and sun damage. Don’t leave home without this because: daily SPF50+ sun protection is a non-negotiable and the best anti-ageing product out there.

  • Superior 3-in-1 protection against dehydration, free-radical damage, and UVA/UVB rays

  • Organic, photostable chemical compounds absorb, scatter, and reflect UV light without leaving a white filter over the skin

  • Wearable texture

  • Suitable for sensitive skin and an absolute essential post dermal therapy

UV-absorbing compounds Tinabsorb S & M, Vitamin B3, and antioxidants
For full ingredient listing please make contact.

As the final step of your morning routine. Apply generously to face, neck, and backs of your hands 15 to 20 minutes prior to sun exposure, gently patting into the skin, rather than rubbing, for a more matte finish. Reapply at regular intervals, especially after swimming, towel drying, exercise or perspiration. To boost antioxidant protection mix in a little Vitamin C 100%.

**For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and wear protective clothing such as hats and eyewear when exposed to the sun. Do not use on broken, damaged or diseased skin.

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Laser Aid

Sensitive types: this will remedy your skin-related angst. Our ultra-soothing and cooling Laser Aid calms all kinds of skin reactivity, redness, and post-treatment irritation with a rich blend of vitamin concentrates and antioxidants to instantly cool reactive skin. [Insert deep sigh of relief.

  • Instant relief for sensitive, sunburnt, inflamed skin, including rosacea and acne

  • A post-treatment essential to alleviate redness and irritation after cosmetic procedures such as laser (except Co2), IPL, and waxing

  • Antioxidant and vitamin-rich concentrates support skin repair

  • Does double duty as a cooling antibacterial mask

Vitamins E and B5, Canadian Willowherb, Witch Hazel extract, Aloe Vera, Cucumber Oil 
For full ingredient listing please make contact.

Apply liberally to skin inflammation or irritation up to four times per day until redness subsides. Remove excess with tissue and expect to feel a warming sensation as Laser Aid is designed to draw heat out of the skin.

**Do not rub excessively. Do not apply over open skin. Do not use after treatment with Co2 lasers.

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Repair Balm

Our much-loved-and-relied-upon salve for extremely sensitive skin. Developed specifically to support skin post chemical peels, cosmetic tattooing and microdermabrasion, Repair Balm contains moisture-boosting ceramides to improve and strengthen the skin’s barrier function while quelling sensitivity and irritation with soothing botanicals.

  • ·The equivalent of a hug for sorry-for-itself skin of all sensitivities.

  • Strengthens, repairs, soothes and protects

  • Developed specifically for post treatment of chemical peels, cosmetic tattooing and microdermabrasion

  • Also ideal for dermatitis and eczema sufferers

Shea Butter, Copper, Botanical Vitamin A, Ceramides, Goji Berry
For full ingredient listing please make contact.

As an intensive moisturiser for severely dry or irritated skin, gently apply one pea-sized amount over face and neck. We also recommend mixing half a pea-sized amount with your favourite moisturiser for an additional hydration boost.

**Not recommended for oily skin types or acne-affected skin. Do not mix with Skinstitut Vitamin C.


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