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Eye Services

Henna Brows

Henna brows are a natural type of tinting that stains the skin and gives you coloured hairs for up to 6 weeks.  The staining resulting on the skin from henna can last anywhere from 2-10 days.  It's a great treatment if you want longer-lasting colour on your brows and the staining that fills gaps in brows temporarily.  Hennas are mixed to specific client preferences after consultation.

Lash Lifting

The lash lift treatment helps to make your eyes pop.  Not only does it look to lengthen your lashes, but it also gives you fanned-out, black lashes with just the right amount of curl.  Mascara (water-based) can be used although not necessary as the black lash tint gives the same effect.  No need to curl your lashes anymore.  Generally, a lash lift will last up to 6 weeks but depends on your hair growth cycle.

Brow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is a technique used to semi-permanently colour brow hairs. It can also leave a slight stain of colour on the skin that can provide an element of filling in thinner spaces within the brow. Tinting is used to define and enhance your natural brow.  The tint on the brow hair generally lasts 3-4 weeks while slight staining on the skin up to 1 week.  Colours are chosen after careful consultation and mixed to your preferences.

Eye Lash Tinting

A lash tint will intensify your natural lashes by darkening them and adding definition to the eye. Many clients opt for a lash tint instead of applying mascara.  Here at Rejuve Skin, I mix my lash tints for most services to get the correct shade for you.  Lash tints will last from 3-4 weeks.

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