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My Skin Journey - Green Peel

After struggling with numerous skin issues over the years, Rejuve-Skin takes an in-depth look at one of our client’s skin journeys and how she finally loves her skin after battling pigmentation and acne issues since childhood.

My skin has always caused me issues since puberty. As a teenager, I struggled with bad acne and the dryness the suggested products - to battle the embarrassing problem - caused. Dry, itchy red skin with almost boil-like pimples erupted all over my face. Hiding the problem with excess make-up certainly didn’t help. Neither did the array of different products that often made the problem worse and made my skin almost scale-like.

Not to mention I was a teenager – popping pimples and picking my face resulted in deep scars and a face I wanted to hide behind hair and hats! Luckily I had the option of the contraception pill, which to some extent helped my skin – my moods however is another story! It was a constant going back and forth in a desperate attempt to have the beautiful skin that so many of my friends enjoyed.

In my early 20s my skin finally cleared up, and I enjoyed a good six years of pimple-free skin. However, the damage was already done. Being a child who had problems with pigmentation on various parts of my body, those lovely acne scars began to change into a mass of pigmentation marks on my face. This time, make-up did help, and I quickly became accustomed to hiding the pigmentation under cleverly applied concealer and foundation. This became my staple with many of my friends never seeing my skin without it being covered in some sort of make-up.

At 26years of age, I fell pregnant with my first child – and the acne beast was once again awoken. Not only did I fall victim to pregnancy acne, but I was also one of the unlucky ones who suffered from what is known as a pregnancy mask or butterfly mask.

My entire face became covered in pigmentation. I looked like someone had rubbed dirt into my skin. It was morbidly embarrassing, but once again I relied heavily on my make-up and waited until after I gave birth to get some expert advice on the options to help relieve the issue.

The first beauty therapist I went to see assured me it would go away – as it does in most women. However, I was one of the 10%. It wouldn’t budge and lasted long after my first pregnancy and into my second, third and fourth! By the time I was finished creating my beautiful brood of children, the damage was certainly done. Cue ample make-up!


After having my last child I was desperate to fix my skin. It had been a very long 20+ years of hating my skin and I wanted it fixed. I tried EVERYTHING! IPL, skin peels, lightening products, dermabrasion, Microneedling, you name it….I tried it. While some worked to an extent, as soon as summer popped around and my skin got the slightest sniff of UV, it was back.

Sunscreen is my BFF and I have always been super sun smart. I wear a hat and sunglasses and keep my face out of the sun to the extreme. I had settled for the fact that my make-up would always be my best friend, and that I would always suffer from pigmentation, acne scarring, and new dark pigment marks when I did suffer from the occasional spot.


After my consult with Rejuve-Skin, Vanessa suggested we try Green Peel to remove my pigmentation and acne scarring. I was also desperate again – at 42years of age, and thanks to Covid (cue the masks) I was now suffering from mask acne on my lower face. To be honest, I was not very hopeful. I had tried everything over the years with no luck but I thought ‘why not, let’s give it a go.’

The first treatment was a little scratchy, and the tingling on my face was slightly strange. After a few days, my face began to peel – like a bad sunburn but without the pain! A week later I went in for my second treatment and could already start to see that my skin was so much more hydrated and had a lovely glow.

After four treatments I was simply SHOCKED! Not only had my skin completely cleared of acne but my pigmentation had vanished. VANISHED. It had literally peeled away. My skin has never looked so good. Not in my 20s or 30s and I now have skin that people comment on. I’m able to not wear make-up with confidence, something I’ve never experienced in my entire adult life.

I’m glowing…literally glowing. My friends have noticed, and my family has noticed. I never realised how much self-confidence comes from having beautiful-looking skin. I now have a green peel treatment once a month to keep my skin looking fresh and beautiful. Combined with the new products I’ve been suggested to use, I’m simply in love with my skin. I now happily go make-up free and more so when I do wear make-up it’s only a very light BB cream. I still get the odd hormonal spot, but they don’t leave pigmentation marks any longer. As a bonus – I also look younger.

Less make-up, fresher-looking skin, pigmentation gone, acne scarring gone, and I can now manage a break-out!

I never thought it was possible! But it is. If you are suffering from years of bad skin, and pigmentation issues, I highly recommend this treatment. It’s simply transformed my skin and my self-confidence. Proving it’s never too late to get the skin of your dreams and throw out that horrible heavy make-up.

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