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FaceDr Ultrasonic Facial

Reverse . Repair . Remodel . Renew

My first choice for deep cleaning and ridding your skin of congestion and waste materials. FaceDr is hi-tech ultrasonic technology. Improve your complexion with Vit C and Vit A Infusions. Iontophoresis and Sonophoresis aid in the penetration of these essential vitamins deep into your skin. FaceDr increases skin metabolism and blood circulation to cells which in turn delivers more beneficial nutrients helping to stimulate collagen production. FaceDr also aids in the draining of toxins away from the cells resulting in a smoother clearer complexion with improved elasticity. Skin Tightening is also another benefit of FaceDr Treatments with Iontophoresis and Sonophoresis working together to stimulate facial muscles and collagen production. The FaceDr system is aimed at improving the general appearance of your skin and helping to reduce the signs of ageing.


Basic Service

Ultrasonic deep cleanse, Ultrasonic exfoliation, mask, hydrate, SPF.



Advanced Service

Double cleanse, facial steam (as needed), Ultrasonic deep cleanse, Ultrasonic exfoliation, vitamin infusion, galvanic lifting, mask, hydrate, SPF.


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