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Observ 520 Skin Analysis

The OBSERV 520 harnesses six distinct light sources and observation modes to effectively diagnose various skin conditions, leveraging skin fluorescence and polarised light technologies.  This sophisticated camera system enables deep insights into skin layers, instantly uncovering underlying conditions. Through Observ 520 skin analysis, we gain valuable evidence of skin concerns, facilitating targeted treatment plans monitored via advanced software on an iPad. By employing the right products and treatments, we not only address existing issues but also prevent future imperfections. The six light sources/filters of the OBSERV offer crucial insights into overall skin health, even allowing us to anticipate potential future issues:

  • 1. Daylight - "Clinical Evaluation": Providing a view of the skin in controlled natural daylight.


  • 2. Parallel Polarized - "Surface Texture Display": Enhancing visibility of fine lines, wrinkles, texture, and pores.


  • 3. Cross Polarized - "Deep Skin Inspection": Suppressing surface shine to reveal dermal structures, vascular conditions, inflammations, and pigmentations.


  • 4. Woods Lamp (Simulated) - "Modernised Classic": Adjusting the spectrum to unveil skin secretions' distribution in color.


  • 5. True UV - "Fluorescence Skin Analysis": Distinguishing abnormal skin patterns through fluorescence, whether on the surface or in deeper layers.


  • 6. Complexion Analysis - "Revealing Irregularities": Highlighting changes in skin tone, pigmentation irregularities, and vascular irritations.

Unlocking the secrets beneath the skin enables us to craft tailored treatment plans, empowering our clients to achieve their skin health goals effectively. Book a consultation today and embark on a journey towards radiant, healthy skin.

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