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EpiLED Hair Removal

What is LED?

The world's first high-power LED equipment for hair removal. Introducing the safest hair removal device on the market with patented technology. Taking the world by storm. 

What is LED Hair Removal?

EpiLED hair removal uses a high-power super-emitting LED array as the light source. An NIR beam acts on the melanin in the hair follicle, which absorbs heat to achieve the maximum hair removal effect.  The new NIR LED technology targets the hair melanin effectively with very little of the light being absorbed by the skin tissue. This results in extremely effective hair removal with a wide range of skin types now able to be treated.

With this cutting-edge technology, we can now deliver ten shots per second, enhancing the efficiency, efficacy, and comfort of our client's treatment process.  The hand-piece allows easy movement and repetition guaranteeing optimal coverage of the treatment area.

Effective light and wave spectrum

EpiLED uses near-infrared light with a wavelength of 780-850nm, so little is absorbed by skin tissue and vascular and is mainly absorbed by the melanin in the follicle, thus hair removal is highly effective. The light spectrum has a greater width band, so because of this Fitzpatrick skin types 1-V1 tolerate this hair removal treatment well.

How Does EpiLED Work?

A precisely even rectangular spot ensures consistent accuracy, eliminating sensations of pain during treatment. The surface array light source, with its lower maximum and localised brightness, ensures a safer experience for both the client and the operator. With a small divergence angle of just 15°, the light easily penetrates the skin, effectively treating even deep hair follicles without affecting the surrounding tissue.

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