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Getting Rid of Nail Fungus – The Facts

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Did you know that nail fungus isn’t just unsightly and difficult to treat, it can also lead to lower limb cellulitis - a potentially life-threatening bacterial infection of the skin. Rejuve Skin looks at the new revolutionary treatment that is allowing many people to regain healthy happy nails.

Nail fungus, or as the Drs prefer to call it – Onychomycosis - continues to be a common problem among many in our community. Sadly the infections often respond poorly to over-the-counter drug treatment leaving many scratching their heads (and hiding their nails) on how to get rid of this pesky and unsightly issue.

Toenails are most affected by the infection with studies showing an increase in frequency with age, and in countries with long winters. These nasty fungi typically known as the dermatophyte species, spread from the skin before invading the nails, leading to the discolouration and cracking of the nail plate.

If you suffer from nail fungus it’s a given that you are frustrated at the overall result of treatments. Over the counter, treatments may not be working well and even specific prescribed treatments may have fallen into the ‘too hard basket’. Many sufferers of Onychomycosis are not willing to use oral drugs, due to the potential side effects.

So what are your options for healthy happy nails?

The topical creams and lotions you purchase over the counter have one main problem – your nail. Your clever and protective nail plate is a natural barrier to drug penetration. Meaning; it does a great job of protecting the nail bed and keeping those antifungal creams out! Which is not effective for your fungus, or your wallet.

Enter Clearanail®

This revolutionary system to beat nail fungus was launched into the world, from the UK, back in 2013. This device is based on a simple drill design with a unit and handpiece. It’s fitted with a single-use micro-cutter and makes small holes directly into the nail plate but stops before it hits the soft tissue (cue no pain). The result is a nail plate that can be successfully perforated with multiple holes. Meaning the chemicals and drugs that need to be administered to the nail bed to beat the fungus, can get in!

What do the Drs say? “The use of a novel micro-cutter device has been demonstrated to facilitate and enhance the delivery of antifungal drugs to the nail bed in patients with onychomycosis. The system in these initial cases has demonstrated to be effective and safe, with no adverse events reported by patients.” - Dr. Ivan Bristow, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton Michelle Score, Private Practitioner, Lymington, Hampshire

Why Choose Clearanail®? Many patients are unwilling to use oral drugs to clear up this condition. Clearanail® is allowing clients to avoid those drugs that may cause liver damage or adverse reactions with a system that works. Clients can now have a fast, painless, and effective treatment to target nail fungus. It’s been proven to be a safe way to penetrate the nail while allowing antifungal treatments to get to the source of the problem.

Rejuve Skin is proud to offer the Clearanail® experience. We are passionate about not only getting the nails of your dreams – cue the jandles and pretty paint. But to also prevent any nasty bacterial infections that can ruin your overall health and wellbeing. Make a booking through Facebook today, and break free of your nail fungus with a proven, painless, and effective treatment.


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