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What is Microneedling?

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Looking for a technique to help reduce skin imperfections, brighten your complexion or help with hyperpigmentation? Rejuve-Skin takes an in-depth look at Microneedling and the advantages of this high-tech skin treatment.

Looking for a minimally invasive procedure that can help a range of skin conditions with real results? Microneedling may be the treatment for you. Interestingly this is by far not a new procedure. It dates back to 1905 when a German Dermatologist, Ernst Kromayer, first utilised the technique to help treat acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and keratoses of the skin. Many years later, a Canadian plastic surgeon experimented with tattoo needles and noticed improved skin, particularly with facial scarring.

The procedure itself has evolved from the use of rotating wheels, rasps, and tattoo needles, to high-tech handheld devices that gently prick the skin with tiny needles. This can stimulate collagen and when utilised alongside serums and other skincare products can treat a whole host of skin conditions.

It’s all about encouraging the body to self-heal and relying on the wonderful advanced systems our body has to rejuvenate and repair. These tiny pricks induce collagen and elastin production that can eliminate wrinkles and fine lines while also helping to treat pigment issues.

What else can Microneedling help with?

As one of the oldest and most popular beauty treatments available, Microneedling can help to improve or alleviate:

· Pigmentation

· Facial scarring

· Fine lines

· Deep-set wrinkles

· Enlarged pores

· Brown spots

· Smoother skin

· Stretch marks

· Acne scars

· Blackheads

· Sun damage

· Elasticity issues

· Hair loss – scalp & eyebrows

· Can help target cellulite

Serums & Microneedling

Interestingly Microneedling has also been shown to be highly effective in introducing serums to the skin. Micro-needling can push the active ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin. This action helps enhance the product's effectiveness quickly. At Rejuve-Skin we have seen wonderful results with re-growing eyebrows, and scalp hair with the help of serums and Microneedling.

This advanced treatment has also been proven to help instantly firm and smooth the skin. How? Microneedling opens thousands of micro-channels and stimulates the deeper layers of your skin, this promotes collagen and elastin fibers, responsible for providing support for the skin. When you combine this treatment alongside specific serums, results are quickly noticeable.

Microneedling can also help increase the communication between the cells that are responsible for maintaining the barrier function, controlling pigmentation, collagen production, and the elastin of the skin. Treatments can allow the skin to immediately feel smoother and softer, and repeat procedures can help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, and also help treat the appearance of facial scarring and acne scars.

Treatments - When will I See Results?

At Rejuve-Skin treatment plans will vary depending on what you wish to achieve with this procedure. Many clients will see an immediate improvement in the tightening and pore reduction however for anti aging and scar treatments we advise up to four to six weeks to see the full result.

At Rejuve Skin, our highly trained beauty technician can develop a custom package to suit your desired result. Rejuve Skin only uses the latest advanced handheld Microneedling device, that has a range of different settings and needles that offer a solution to your skin requirements. Call, or email today for your Microneedling consult and get the skin you’ve always dreamed of.

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